Our Mission

Emerging’s mission is to empower families with information to launch good human-beings who will use education to impact and transform.

Every day, we wake up to launch independent and creative students into the world as citizens. We believe in the power of youth to uphold our democracy.

By the time our work together comes to an end, our students will know where they want to go, what they want to do, and who they want to be.

Our Promise

Our Why


Laura Barr, founder of Emerging Educational Consulting, has designed a one-of-a-kind expeditionary learning curriculum to mentor students through the college search process, through 1:1 coaching, cohorts, and parent learning communities. Our team of highly skilled individuals manage the execution from start to finish of each student’s customized plan throughout the duration of the student’s engagement, empowering them and their families along the way.


We use a highly organized project management system to implement the Emerging Field Guide. The curriculum spirals through topics on personal awareness, academic planning, career, and college planning. Students meet with a mentor on a regular cadence moving through each stage of the college planning process until application completion.

Laura Barr, Founder and CEO
Phone: 720-541-5642